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MAX Pharma Canada Inc. is a pharmaceutical company based in Canada that offers several products to its client base in Canada and elsewhere in the world. One of its product lines is the MAX-Pack* Pharmaceutical Compounding Products (PCP). MAX-Pack* PCP covers a range of high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to be used in the compounding of pharmaceutical and veterinary products by licensed health care providers including pharmacists and veterinarians. These ingredients have been selected based on meeting stated pharmacopeia (i.e. USP, EP, BP) as well as being produced in reputable production facilities.

All our  products are shipped with clear labeling, and always accompanied by a certificate of analysis and an MSDS. The MAX-Pack* PCP can be shipped to any retail or hospital pharmacy, veterinary clinic and other locations approved for compounding. We also can supply on contract to large chains or hospital purchasing groups desirous of reducing their acquisition costs of compounding ingredients. Most products are available is different sizes and configurations allowing from compounding one-off formulas to regular/steady compounding requirements. If you do not see a product that you are interested in, we invite you to contact us as welcome the opportunity to review your needs and see if we can provide you with a tailored offer of supply.

Pharmaceutical compounding continues to grow in acceptance as custom-tailored products are increasingly better adapted to the specific needs of certain patient populations which ultimately impacts compliance and outcomes in health care delivery. With our competitively priced MAX-Pack* PCP line, we are well positioned  to provide health care practitioners choice in prescribing and administering adapted therapies.


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